Tillage Inspection Tips & Parts

  • Case IH Engine Air Filters

    It only takes a few grams of dirt to cause serious wear to an engine and its components. Learn how genuine Case IH PowerCore® engine air filters protect your equipment.

  • Case IH Tiger Points

    Healthy crops require healthy soil. Learn how Case IH Tiger Points help optimize soil health and maximize yield.

  • Case IH Earth Metal® Ball Test

    Manufactured from special alloys, Earth Metal® discs, sweeps and openers are strong and tougher than carbon steel. See how Earth Metal compares to the competition.

  • Case IH Mud Hog Rear Axles

    The Mud Hog system can be included on a combine from the factory, or purchased and installed as an aftermarket product from a CASE IH dealer in as little as a day. At its most basic level: Mud Hog is a hydraulic rear-wheel drive system that provides front-wheel drive greater traction and consistent performance throughout varying conditions.

  • Case IH Precision Farming: Yields

    Learn how our yield mapping software can help maximize productivity, efficiency and yields, season after season.

  • Case IH Precision Farming: Soil Quality

    Within a given acre, your soil quality can vary from row to row — even foot to foot. Factors like soil type, moisture levels, temperature, residue, organic matter and more can all be different. And all of these can make a significant impact on the success of your crops.

  • Case IH Precision Farming: Plant Protection

    From drone technology to application control systems, Case IH has the precision farming solutions to keep your crops healthy and thriving.

  • Case IH EZ Pilot Pro

    If you want to take your productivity and efficiency to a new level, you’ll want to take a look at the next generation of advanced assisted steering — available from Case IH and compatible with your entire fleet.

  • Case IH Precision Farming: Let Technology Take the Wheel

    You can’t control time or weather, but with our precision farming products you can power through shorter windows accurately, comfortably and on schedule.

  • MagnaPower Battery

    Why choose MagnaPower batteries? Heavier terminals, more lead weight, epoxy-loaded base. Watch to learn more!

  • Genuine Case IH filters deliver when others can't

    Every filter is designed to extend the life of your machines by protecting them from harmful contaminants. But when genuine Case IH filters are tested side-by-side with will-fit filters, they deliver up to 60x more protection against the fine particles that can damage your equipment over time. Your equipment works hard. And it works even better with Case IH filters. Protect your investment with filters that do more of what they’re designed to do.

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