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Automation Modes

Find Your Perfect Flow With AFS Harvest Command™

Regardless of the time of day, crop conditions or moisture levels, the AFS Harvest Command combine automation system is always working for you. It’s simple. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes — from grain quality to grain savings to throughput. Choose the mode of automation to match your harvesting goals. Then set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits and AFS Harvest Command takes over from there.
  • Performance Mode

    • Automation to achieve maximum grain savings and grain quality while optimizing throughput.
    • This is the most commonly used mode of automation, used when the harvest is progressing well, conditions are nearly ideal, no weather threats are looming. Hit the sweet spot that optimizes grain savings, grain quality and throughput.
  • Grain Quality Mode

    • Automation to achieve maximum grain quality in the tank while saving grain and optimizing throughput.
    • This mode is designed for when your goal is to deliver the highest-quality grain possible. Minimize cracked and broken kernels.
  • Max Throughput Mode

    • The operator can maximize the throughput, and the machine will automatically adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
    • This mode is ideal for tight harvest windows and weather limitations. Maximize the acres without sacrificing grain loss or quality
  • Fixed Throughput Mode

    • The operator can fix the machine throughput, and the machine will adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
    • This mode is ideal when you’re under limiting operating conditions (e.g. trucking schedules or drying limitations). Maintain a target throughput to match your infrastructure

Harvester Settings

Simplify Harvest With Optimized Controls

Fine-tuning harvest settings and adjustments can test even the most experienced operator. AFS Harvest Command helps refine the harvesting process by reducing the number of functions you need to monitor in the cab from twelve to three. You control concave clearance, header position and grain tank unload and AFS Harvest Command takes care of the rest.

As grain moves through the combine, the automation system adjusts upper sieve opening, lower sieve opening, pre-sieve opening, cleaning fan rpm, rotor vane angle, rotor rpm and ground speed.

Fewer functions to monitor means fewer chances for error and less operator fatigue.


Operators Say Automation Streamlines Operation

“Labor is important. Whether you’ve ran a combine for 50 years or 50 minutes, this machine is super user-friendly,” said Case IH customer Mark Bartlett, who operated an Axial-Flow® 8250 combine with 3162 draper head.

“The fact that you can grab someone off the street and get the same results as someone who has run one forever is extremely appealing to us.” Bartlett is from Colby, Kansas, and farms 5,000 acres of mixed crops, including corn, wheat and milo.

“With AFS Harvest Command it is as simple as adjusting one thing here and one thing there and you can literally watch your sample clean up and clean out to how you want it in the back window of the combine. We were able to have our sample so clean, with zero chaff and zero broken grain. I would rather have taken the grain harvested straight from my combines and put it into my drills as opposed to buying seed wheat. That’s how clean and effective the combines were,” said Case IH customer Nathan Kelley from Norcatur, KS who owns and operates 8250 series combines.
Watch more testimonials
Operators Say Automation Streamlines Operation
  • Welker Farms

    ...But I am actually cutting probably at least a mile to two mile an hour faster than him...see how I’m past him here? And the only reason it’s doing that is because this combine can handle it because of the automation. He can’t go any faster because if he does he’s gonna throw grain out the back and his sample is gonna get bad. And this is the thing that’s just really impressed us the most about this combine is how much more this combine can cut than those. "

    Episode: Live! CASE IH 8250 Demo- Welker Harvest 19

  • Millenial Farmer

    So this combine’s got the new, I don’t even know what you call it. It’s the auto everything mode. It’s the Millennial mode. Must be a millennial mode combine. It controls everything on the go by my understanding. Cause I’m not really having to do much here. It’s doing the work. Looks like it will control the threshing speed and the clearances. It speeds up and slows down as we get to greener spots and tougher spots. Awesome."

    Episode: Millennial Farmer STOLE Welker's Case Combine (Optimus Bine!!)

  • Brian's Farming Videos

    "That was our first experience with an automatic combine and we really like that. That something that whatever combine we get next would have on. That and the cab was really nice. Seemed like it was a little quiet.”

    Episode: Farm Wife Drives Case IH Combine

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