Case IH Patriot 3250

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What's new for Model Year 2024

New for Model Year 2024

With decades of proven performance, the Patriot 50 series sprayer is taking the features that matter most to the next level.

Choose Your Display Options

  • The AFS Pro 1200 introduces vehicle, product, and guidance control.
  • Now, choose between a single AFS Pro 1200 display, dual AFS Pro 1200 display, or a combination of AFS Pro 1200 and Viper 4+ for a more customized view.

One-Touch AutoFold Functionality

AutoFold Plus improves operator experience with its ability to streamline the unfolding and folding of the boom with a one-touch approach.

Center Section Spray Tube Guard

The addition of a center section spray tube guard builds in a layer of protection for the spray bar and nozzles.

Mid-size Fender Option tailored for full coverage of 480 size tires

Spray Technology

Optimized Spray Application Technology

With AIM Command FLEX™ II advanced spray technology, you get the best possible chance at maintaining your ideal chemical application rate, pressure and accuracy. With individual nozzle on/off control, this advanced technology ensures efficient, precise application — regardless of speed or terrain.

Boom Technology

Strong Boom Design. Powerful Tech.

Built with robust materials, the parallel-link boom design packs superior strength without excessive weight. Advanced boom technology options are seamlessly integrated to take application accuracy and efficiency to the next level.

  • AutoFold Plus: Get moving faster with an automated fold/unfold feature — just push and hold the AutoFold switch on the MultiControl Armrest.
  • AccuBoom: Operated through the Viper 4+ display, AccuBoom Automatic Boom Section control automatically turns off boom sections when the sprayer enters an area that has already been sprayed and turns the sections back on when leaving the applied area.
  • AutoBoom XRT: The integrated AutoBoom® XRT Automatic Boom Height control option detects and accommodates changes in terrain for more accurate and effective coverage across every inch of ground.

Advance Farming Systems

Achieve Greater Efficiency With Connected Solutions

In today’s operations, it takes more than timely, accurate spraying to protect your profitability. With the power of AFS Connect™ and Raven Slingshot®, you have the unmatched connectivity, guidance, data and monitoring solutions you need to ensure your machines are ready for the tasks at hand. Learn more about connected solutions, remote capabilities and Autoguidance Solutions

Operator Experience

The Ultimate Operator Experience

The Patriot 50 series sprayer puts productivity first with a cab that perfectly blends simplicity, control and comfort. Featuring ergonomically placed controls, a superior ride and state of the art customizable displays


Light Up the Night

When you need to finish the job after hours, enhanced LED light packages are brighter for better nighttime visibility, use less power and are controlled from the AFS Pro 1200 display. Every Patriot 50 series sprayer includes front hood-, cab- and tank-mounted lighting and a center-section beacon light to help ensure you can operate safely while covering acres at night and during transport.

Spray Pattern Lights - Factory-installed, blue-lens spray pattern lights provide exceptional visibility of your application and nozzles.

Deluxe Lighting Package - For operators who frequently spray at night, additional cab- and boom-mounted lights provide maximum visibility and help you see all sprayer components and the terrain around you.

Maintenance & Uptime

Maintenance & Tendering Made Easy

Maximize time in the field and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, exclusive tip-wash station, ground-level connections and an open architecture design.

Maintenance & Tendering Made Easy

Maximize time in the field and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, exclusive tip-wash station, ground-level connections and an open architecture design.
Min Solution System Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Solution system tank - gal (L)
Max Solution System Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]1000
Tank Material Stainless steel
Solution Fill connection - in (mm)
Fill Connection inches [ mm ]
Rinse Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]100
Hand Wash Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Foam Marker Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Chemical Eductor
Fuel Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
DEF Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Hydraulic Tank gallons (US) [ ltr ]
Dry Material Box Option
Boom Location Rear
Boom Width - Option 1
Boom Width - Option 2
Boom Width - Option 3
Boom Sections
Ground height adjustment - in (cm)
Min Ground Height Adjustment inches [ cm ]
Max Ground Height Adjustment inches [ cm ]
Boom Breakaway Angle - Degrees
Wingtip Breakaway - Ft-in (m)
Nozzle Spacing - In (cm)
Position Rear
Make Case IH FPT
Power hp [ kW ]285
Peak Torque, ft-lb (Nm)
Peak Torque lbf / ft [ Nm ]
Peak Power hp [ kW ]309
Number Of Cylinders
Displacement Inches³ [ ltr ]
Alternator Amp
Description Hydrostatic
Number Of Speed Ranges Infinitely variable
Max Travel Speed mph [ kph ]32
Drive Full-time 4WD
Primary Service Brake
Secondary Service Brake
Parking Brake
Cab Position
Cab Glass Area ft² [ m² ]Cab Glass Area 88.1 sq. ft. (7.5 sq. m)
Operator Seat Description Air suspension seat with adjustable 30 degree swivel to the right
Instructional Seat
Sprayer Control
Crop Clearance inches [ cm ]4 ft 5 in
Min Wheel Track Spacing inches [ cm ]
Max Wheel Track Spacing inches [ cm ]13 ft 4 in
Wheel Track Adjustment Method
Wheelbase inches [ cm ]12 ft 6 in
Turning Radius - Ft-in (m) 22' 6" (6.9)
Steering System
Suspension Description
Suspension Travel inches [ mm ]
Standard Row-crop Tire
Optional Row-crop Tire 1
Optional Row-crop Tire 2
Flotation Tire
Optional Flotation Tire
Length ft/in [ m ]29 ft 7 in
Height ft/in [ m ]11 ft 9 in
Width - Wheels Retracted ft/in [ m ]
Width - Wheels Extended ft/in [ m ]
Weight W/ Shortest Boom lbs [ kg ]
Weight W/ Intermediate Boom lbs [ kg ]
Weight W/ Widest Boom lbs [ kg ]
  • Case IH black min
  • greatplains min
  • rhinoag min
  • woods black min
  • LandPride min
  • unverferth black min
  • Hardee min
  • KMC black min
  • Monosem logo min
  • brand Kubota