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Access Your Data
AFS Connect is a high-tech solution for the most difficult field challenges, helping you gain insights and get more done each day. With a user interface designed by customer feedback, field, application and farm data are available at the touch of your fingertips. AFS Connect also allows you to share relevant agronomic data with your preferred business partners, agronomists, dealers or consultants.

AFS Connect Farm App

Experience the Power of AFS Connect on Your Mobile Device for Free

Manage your overall operation, view field boundaries and guidance lines, visualize agronomic data and more with the AFS Connect Farm app

The latest update includes:

  • Geofenced boundaries and curfew rules to control when and where your equipment operates
  • Vehicle history logs to visualize the paths taken by AFS Connect equipped vehicles over any 24 hour period in the last 90 days
  • Updated user interface that puts field-specific and whole-farm data just a few taps away
  • Fuel use sub-layer displays a field spatial map of fuel usage to indicate load differences caused by crop condition or field environment
  • Application, harvest or seeding files that have data with no specified rate can now be imported
  • Track and monitor your field condtions and harvest progress with scouting reports and harvest tracking
  • View alerts easily to keep equipment running

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Make Insightful Operational Decisions

Gather data throughout the year and easily visualize your field and fleet operations for better insights into your overall operational performance.
  • Farm Visualization

    • Manually create and upload field boundaries or use highly accurate RTK generated boundaries
    • Spatial data sorting – all the activity that happens within your field boundary automatically stays tied to that specific field based on collected data coordinates
    • Easily create field map layers such as seeding/planting, application, variety maps and more
    • Utilize your crop consultant’s digital scouting reports and UAV data as layers in your farm tab
    • New large square baler support including individual bale location display with weight, moisture, density and capacity information.
    • Easily transfer files to and from your Raven Slingshot equipped machine.
  • Aggregate

    • Aggregate data from multiple machines in one field and visualize actionable layers of agronomic data
    • Includes seed populations, fertilizer and inputs, yield data and more — all specific to your operation
    • Overlay your yield data over field maps, allowing you to see all of the conditions that may be affecting your yields
    • New prescription creation tool that allows equipment settings to be customized to match conditions in different areas of a field while on the go.
  • Reporting

    • Using AFS Connect reports, your seeding/planting, application and yield data is all online and available to be used with the report builder tool to generate valuable activity reports for your landlords, FSA, inventory and more.
    • Enter reporting and view within the AFS Connect app.


Gain a Comprehensive Outlook

Use cutting-edge data management technology to upload, secure and share important farm information with those who need it.
  • Manage Data

    Upload data manually and automatically via the cloud for a complete view of your operation’s performance.
  • Manage Access

    Share selected data — by farm, field or field operation — with trusted partners based on your needs.
  • Wirelessly Transfer

    Securely share your farm data from anywhere. Your information is available to you through the easy-to-use interface on the AFS Pro 700 or AFS Pro 1200 display.
  • Coordinate Case IH machines 2010 and newer

    Elevate your decision-making by connecting your vehicles with AFS Connect and data-sharing capabilities

CNH Industrial Developer Tool

Additional Connectivity

The CNH Industrial Developer Portal provides companies with a way to establish a secure agronomic data exchange for customers who own and manage Case IH equipment. The Developers Portal serves as the entry point for companies requesting an online program interface or offline methods of data exchange with AFS Connect. Any software service provider that does not already have a connection with AFS Connect can get started here.

Get Started
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