Case IH Ecolo-Til2500

Model Photo



  • Working Width

    7’ 6” - 26’ 6”

  • Row Spacing

    30" - 40"

  • Coulter Diameter


  • Horsepower Required

    28-38 HP/ shank

In-Line Disk Rippers

Create Ideal Soil Composition
Case IH in-line rippers eliminate soil compaction, allowing increased water filtration, effective nutrient placement and leading to higher yields. Choose from several configurations to fit your tillage, whether it is conventional or no-till.

New for 2020

Ecolo-Til™ 2500

The Ecolo-Til™ 2500 is now available in a rigid-mounted configuration that performs effective primary tillage in six shanks with 38-inch spacing. Long offered in a compact, convenient folding configuration, the new rigid-mounted option provides an increasingly simple, yet durable, option to create optimum soil tilth and little surface disturbance.

The Ecolo-Til 2500 can be equipped with an optional disk leveler:

  • Evenly distributes soil and residue across the soil surface
  • Allows the soil surface to settle prior to secondary tillage and/or planting

Soil Tilth

The Key to Higher Yields

Count on Case IH in-line rippers to promote healthy soil tilth by reducing compaction and creating the optimum mix of soil and porespace.

  • Allows air and water key to plant growth to deeply infiltrate the root zone
  • Helps soil store water during dry periods and drain during wet periods
  • Reduces runoff, keeping nutrients in the rootzone


Shatter Compaction

The Ecolo-Till 2500 has a variety of shank options to fit your operation. Whether it's conventional or no-till practices, Case IH shanks and points will help you achieve optimal seedbed preparation.
  • Parabolic Shank

    These shanks will tear through soil compaction and cover more residue than straight shank designs.Combined with winged Tiger points, parabolic shanks provide a high level of residue and soil mixing.
  • Minimum Residue Disturbance (MRD)

    MRD shanks leave the surface relatively undisturbed while offering excellent tillage. Available with optional 7-inch Tiger Points.
  • No-Till Shanks

    For your no-till operation, Case IH No-til shanks and No-till Points offer minimal surface and residue disturbance while effectively breaking up the uderlying compaction.

Tiger Points

Easily Handle Residue and Compaction

Case IH Ecolo-till in-line rippers can be fitted with a variety of Tiger Points. Wings sweep downward, rearward and outward, shattering compaction and creating healthier soil with excellent pore space. No-till points fracture compaction with minimal surface disruption.


Disturbance-Free Tillage

Combine No-till shanks and No-till points with the optional Berm Tuck'r row sealers for state-of-the-industry no-till soil management with minimal surface disturbance.Choose from:
  • Double-disc Berm Build'r to create a berm with the loose soil created by the shank
  • Double-wheel Berm Tuck'r to prevent soil blowout

Fertilizer Attachment

Place Nutrients in the Root Zone

Case IH in-line rippers with optional fertilizer attachment can perform both tillage and root zone band fertilization in one pass.
  • Create a more ideal balance of soil, air and water
  • Roots grow deeper
  • Roots contact more soil for better nutrient uptake
  • Roots remain in contact with nutrients for longer time
  • Less run-off of nutrients — advantageous both economically and ecologically
  • Higher yields compared to surface braodcasting

Min Rows 3
Max Rows 9
Min Row Spacing inches [ mm ]
Max Row Spacing inches [ mm ]
Min Working Width ft/in [ m ]
Max Working Width ft/in [ m ]26 ft 6 in
Min Power Per Shank hp [ kW ]28
Max Power Per Shank hp [ kW ]
Hitch Category II/III
Closing Wheels
Coulter Diameter inches [ mm ]
Operating Depth inches [ mm ]
  • Case IH black min
  • greatplains min
  • rhinoag min
  • woods black min
  • LandPride min
  • unverferth black min
  • Hardee min
  • KMC black min
  • Monosem logo min
  • brand Kubota