Case IH HDX162

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  • Cutting Width

    14’ 3” - 18’ 3”

  • Cutting Height

    1.2 - 6.2 in.

  • Sickle Speed

    1,810 SPM

  • Angle Range

    6 - 12 Degrees

Made for the Toughest Situations

The Case IH HDX 2 Sicklebar Hearder uses a counter-stroking action of dual sickles to shear crop cleanly while a unique floating auger keeps the crop moving smoothly.

  • Cutterbed

    • Heavy-duty wobble drives ensure long, trouble-free life
    • Bolt-on knife sections are standard for easy replacement
    • Overserrated knife sections provide long life and a clean cut
    • Double heat-treated range guards provide superior resistance to rock damage
    • The cutterbar angle adjusts hydraulically from 6 to 12 degrees below horizontal
    • Available stub-on-stub guards penetrate tough, tangled crops

  • Unique Floating Auger

    • Unique floating auger to keep the crop flowing smoothly to the conditioning rolls
    • 20 in (508 mm) auger with 5 in (178 mm) flighting
    • Auger floats up to 2 in (50.8 mm) to let slugs of material pass underneath without plugging
    • Auger slip clutch protects auger and drive system

  • Skid Shoes

    • Skid shoes feature five position adjustments
    • Combine this with the hydraulic adjustable header and you can adjust guard angle and cut height from 1.2 – 6.2 in (30.5 – 157 mm)

  • Available Options for the WD4 and the HDX 2 Series

    • In-cab control of reel speed
    • In-cab control of windrow width
    • Header gauge wheels
    • Tall-crop lean bar kit
    • Crop dividers

Built to Work in Heavy Crop Conditions

The HDX 2 Series Sicklebar Headers feature a conditioning system that is built to work in heavy crop conditions. Conditioning rolls crimp stems thoroughly for fast dry down. The roll pressure system uses a torsion bar, which allows conditioning rolls to automatically separate to clear slugs and the chevron pattern provides even windrow formation.

  • Rubber-on-Rubber

    Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls are available on all models for a thorough, gentle cleaning

  • Steel-on-Steel

    Steel-on-steel rolls are available on all models — tough and versatile for a wide range of demanding crops

  • Hi-Contact Rolls

    Hi-contact rolls are available on all models for complete crush of plant stem; ideal for legume-type crops

Cutting Width ft/in [ m ]16 ft. 3 in.
Overall Width ft/in [ m ]18 ft. 3 in.
Cutting Height Range - Minimum inches [ mm ]
Cutting Height Range - Maximum inches [ mm ]
Header Drive Hydraulic
Gauge Wheels
Weight lbs [ kg ]4120 lb.
Single Or Double Knife Timed dual counterstroking
Knife Drive
Min Knife Speed
Max Knife Speed 1810
Sickle Stroke inches [ mm ]3
Min Cutter Bar Angle Range °
Max Cutter Bar Angle Range °12
Number Of Bats 5
Reel Diameter inches [ mm ]42 in.
Min Reel Speed, Mechanical rpm
Max Reel Speed, Mechanical rpm
Min Reel Speed, Hydraulic rpm
Max Reel Speed, Hydraulic rpm
Reel Drive Description
Auger Description Single, floating
Auger Diameter - In (mm) 20 in.
Auger Diameter inches [ mm ]
Auger Speed - Rpm 287
Auger Speed rpm
Auger Drive Type
Float Range inches [ mm ]2 in.
Roll Length inches [ mm ]102 in.
Roll Diameter - In (mm)
Roll Diameter inches [ mm ]10.375 in.
Min Roll Speed rpm
Max Roll Speed rpm717
Standard Roll Material Rubber
Optional Roll Material
Roll Surface Pattern Chevron
Roll Pressure System Torsion
Roll Adjustment Method Hand crank
Min Windrow/Swath Width inches [ mm ]
Max Windrow/Swath Width inches [ mm ]96
  • Case IH black min
  • greatplains min
  • rhinoag min
  • woods black min
  • LandPride min
  • unverferth black min
  • Hardee min
  • KMC black min
  • Monosem logo min
  • brand Kubota