Kubota M7-134



Deluxe Features

  • Three Mechanical Rear Remotes
  • 29 GPM Closed Center, Load Sensing Hydraulics
  • 540/540E/1000/1000E PTO
  • Air Suspension Seat
  • High Capacity 3-Point Hitch
  • High Spec and Spacious Cab (includes instructor seat)
  • 30x15 Semi-Power Shift Transmission
  • Available 54x27 Semi-Power Shift Transmission (Creep)
  • Optional 110" Bar Axle

Premium Features

  • Mechanically Suspended Cab
  • 29 GPM Closed Center Load Sensing Hydraulics
  • Four Electrohydraulic Rear Remotes
  • Available Suspended Front Axle (30 mph travel speed) 
  • 30X15 Semi-Powershift Transmission
  • Available 54x27 Semi Powershift (Creep)
  • 110" Bar Axle
  • High Spec and Spacious Cab (includes instructor seat)
  • 7" K-Monitor

Premium KVT Features

  • Mechanically Suspended Cab
  • Optional Air Suspended Cab
  • 29 GPM Closed Center, Load Sensing Hydraulics
  • Four Electrohydraulic Rear Remotes
  • Available Suspended Front Axle (30 mph travel speed) 
  • Kubota Variable Transmission (KVT)
  • 110" Bar Axle
  • High Spec and Spacious Cab (includes instructor seat)
  • 7" K-Monitor

MSSC (Multi-Speed Steering Control)

The Multi-Speed Steering Control has 3 settings that help reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity. This is achieved by allowing the operator to set the turning width per rotation of the steering wheel. 

Ideal for Hydraulic-Driven and Commercial Equipment

The M7 Premium/Premium KVT Tractors, as well as Deluxe, provide a CCLS (Closed Center Load Sensing) hydraulic system ideal for equipment utilizing hydraulically driven components. It features hydraulic flow rates fully capable of supporting planters and other applications demanding high performing hydraulics. The M7 Series tractor can support a variety of tasks, including:
  • Round Baling
  • Spraying
  • Planting (Planter)
  • Tillage
  • Loader
  • Mixer Wagon
  • Grain Cart

Superior Loader Lift Performance

The LM2606 front loader for the M7 Gen 4 has 5,776 lbs. of lift capacity. This loader is engineered to allow customers to perform those demanding front loader tasks, like handing two round bales with ease. 

Cab/Operator Comfort

Across the M7 Gen 4 lineup, comfort comes standard. Every model comes with a large, four post cab which provides plenty of legroom as well as great visibility for the operator. All models offer an air ride seat plus an instructor seat. All controls are laid out ergonomically, keeping them within an easy and comfortable reach for the operator. 

Stationary PTO

When the operator pushes the switch ON, PTO will continue running when the operator leaves the cab of the tractor.

Xpress Restart - Deluxe and Premium

Allows the operator to directly control the main clutch by simply pressing on the brake pedal. This enables the tractor to be stopped without engaging the clutch, ensuring maximum convenience and productivity.

EZ-Command Center

The EZ-Command Center enables effortless access to many of the tractor's functions. This reduces operator fatigue, resulting in a more comfortable, productive and efficient operator's environment. Plus, an ergonomic workstation engineered with instantly accessible controls and information centers make for a comfortable day's work from the M7's wide cabin with virtually unobstructed views.

*Premium model pictured 
Gross Engine HPGross Engine HP128
PTO Boost HPPTO Boost HP20
Standard TransmissionStandard TransmissionF30 / R15 (F54 / R27 w/optional creep)
PTOPTOStandard: 100 HP, Rear: 540 I 540E / 1000 / 1000E
Hydraulic FlowHydraulic Flow21
Three Point Linkage TypeThree Point Linkage TypeCategory III
Three Point Linkage CapacityThree Point Linkage Capacity11797
Operator PlatformOperator PlatformCAB
Driveline TypeDriveline Type 4WD
  • Case IH black min
  • greatplains min
  • rhinoag min
  • woods black min
  • LandPride min
  • unverferth black min
  • Hardee min
  • KMC black min
  • Monosem logo min
  • brand Kubota