Kubota R430

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Powerful Kubota Engine

The R430 boasts a gross rating of 47.6 HP (SAE J 1995) that provides the extra muscle needed for all of the chores that the loader is capable of performing. 

Comfortable Work Station

Comfort and convenience are the keys to operator efficiency. The working station is mounted on rubber ISO mounts to minimize sounds and vibrations. Increase your comfort level in all seasons with an enclosed heated and A/C cooled cab. 

Load Sensing Transmission

As the travel and loading conditions change, the R430's transmission automatically shifts to compensate to provide maximum torque and speed for efficient ground speed operation. The manual switch can be operated with a convenient button located on the loader control level. 

Limited Slip Differential

Mud, sand, snow are no problem for the R430's front limited slip axle. If a front wheel slips, the power is transferred to the opposite wheel to restore traction. 

Hybrid Link Design

The well-balanced cylinder position of the Z link provides strong bucket break out forces and a lift path almost parallel to the ground for superior reach and lift. 

Rear Backhoe

The R430 takes versatility to a new level in compact wheel loaders with an optional backhoe attachment. The RBK4009SA backhoe allows the operator to dig a trench up to seven feet deep and 24 inches wide. 
Emission CertificationEmission CertificationTier 4
Output (SAE J1995 gross) HP/(kW)/rpmOutput (SAE J1995 gross) HP/(kW)/rpm47.6 (35.5) / 2600
Output (SAE J1349 net) HP/(kW)/rpmOutput (SAE J1349 net) HP/(kW)/rpm44.5 (33.2) / 2600
Displacement (cu. in.)Displacement (cu. in.)11
Transmission TypeTransmission TypeHydrostatic transmission
Overall Length, ft (mm)Overall Length, ft (mm)14' 4" (4355)
Overall Height, ft (mm)Overall Height, ft (mm)8' 3" (2515)
Overall Width, ft (mm)Overall Width, ft (mm)4' 12" (1520)
Ground Clearance, in (mm)Ground Clearance, in (mm)11" (280)
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate, GPM (LPM)Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate, GPM (LPM)11.1 (42.1)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure psi, kgf (cm2)Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure psi, kgf (cm2)2697 (18.6)
Standard Tire Size, inStandard Tire Size, in12.5/70-16-8PR
Traveling Speed: High, mph (kph)Traveling Speed: High, mph (kph)12.4 (20.0)
Traveling Speed: Low, mph (kph)Traveling Speed: Low, mph (kph)3.0 (4.8)
Traction Force, lbs (kgf)Traction Force, lbs (kgf)5485 (24.4)
Front/Rear Axle Traction LockFront/Rear Axle Traction LockLimited slip differential
Articulation Angle (deg.)Articulation Angle (deg.)40 (each direction)
Angle of Rear Frame Oscillation (deg.)Angle of Rear Frame Oscillation (deg.)±8
Loader Clearance Circle, ft (mm)Loader Clearance Circle, ft (mm)Loader Clearance Circle, ft (mm) 12' 1" (3695)
Turning Radius Track Circle, ft (mm)Turning Radius Track Circle, ft (mm)10' 1" (3085)
Brakes (Service)Brakes (Service)Enclosed wet disc
Tipping Load - Straight, lbs (kg)Tipping Load - Straight, lbs (kg)5335 (2420)/5743 (2605) / 3494 (1585)/3770 (1710)
Tipping Load- Full Turn, lbs (kg)Tipping Load- Full Turn, lbs (kg)4596 (2085)/4949 (2245) / 3009 (1365)/3251 (1475)
Rated Operating Capacity, (ROC)Rated Operating Capacity, (ROC)2298/2474/504/1625
Standard Bucket Capacity, yd3Standard Bucket Capacity, yd30.5
Bucket Breakout Force, lbs (kN)Bucket Breakout Force, lbs (kN)5215 (23.2)
Lifting Capacity at Ground Level, lbs (kN)Lifting Capacity at Ground Level, lbs (kN)3687 (16.4)
Loader Raise / Lower Time, secLoader Raise / Lower Time, sec4.4 / 3.3
Fuel Tank, gal (l)Fuel Tank, gal (l)14.3 (54)
Hydraulic System, gal (l)Hydraulic System, gal (l)15.3 (58)
Hydraulic Reservoir, gal (l)Hydraulic Reservoir, gal (l)11.1 (42)
Operating Weight, lbs (kg)Operating Weight, lbs (kg)7758 (3519) / 8232 (3734)
Hinge Pin Height, ftHinge Pin Height, ft9ft2in
Dump Height at Fully Raised Position, ftDump Height at Fully Raised Position, ft7ft2in
Maximum Dump AngleMaximum Dump Angle44 degrees
Reach Fully Raised at Maximum Dump Angle, ftReach Fully Raised at Maximum Dump Angle, ft2ft9in
Steering AngleSteering Angle40 degrees
Frame Oscillation AngleFrame Oscillation Angle8 degree
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