Kubota SVL65-2



Advanced Multifunction Valve (SVL65-2)

The SVL65-2's hydraulic system features an innovative Advanced Multifunction Valve that provides smooth movements of all hydraulic functions when operated simultaneously. The AMV now allows operators to run the AUX hydraulics, bucket and loader arm functions together without stalling. 

Wider Cab Entrance

The wide cab entrance, with a 36” side-screen to side-screen width, allows operators to comfortably pivot when looking to their rear. In addition, a high back seat provides back support from shoulders to lower torso. A comfortable operator is a productive operator.

Easy-Opening Sliding Front Door

When equipped with a cab enclosure, the cab door slides up and down to improve ingress and egress. Operators can pin the door in the open position and continue to operate with the door open, so there is no need to remove the door and store it where it can get lost or damaged. Front doors can be opened regardless of the loader position.

Integrated Mainframe and Undercarriage

Because Kubota designed compact track loaders first, their platform is different from the skid steers. So, unlike “skid steers turned compact track loaders” with bolt-on undercarriages, Kubota’s integrated undercarriage is welded with no exposed hoses or openings, providing a sturdier and more durable design.

Electronic Travel Torque Management

The electronic travel torque management system lets you work faster with more power. By optimizing hydraulic performance when pushing or moving heavy loads, the system prevents engine stalling allowing for faster recovery.

Available with Low Effort Hydraulic Pilot Controls

Work next to home structures and curbs with confidence. Different from Electro-Hydraulic Controls, these hydraulic controls provide maximum feel and precision – with no adjustments or settings necessary. Start moving when you think you’re going to start, and stop moving when you think you’re going to stop.

Standard 2-Speed Travel and Selectable One-Way Self-Level

Shift from low gear to high gear to get the job done faster. One-way hydraulic self-leveling can be engaged at the flip of a switch and helps keep the bucket or pallet forks in a horizontal position without the need to manually adjust the angle during lifting.

Rugged Loader Arms Design

Robust and tightly secured loader arms linkage that can do both radial and vertical lift operations.

Horsepower (gross)Horsepower (gross)68.3
Displacement (cu. in.)Displacement (cu. in.)159.6 (2615)
Overall Length (ft/mm)Overall Length (ft/mm)136.4 "
Overall Height (ft/mm)Overall Height (ft/mm)79.9"
Overall Width (ft/mm)Overall Width (ft/mm)Vehicle Width: 68"/74", Width with Bucket: 68"/74"
Operating Weight (lbs/kg)Operating Weight (lbs/kg)8035/8465
Operator StationOperator StationOpen cab / closed cab
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)35% Tipping Load (lbs.): 2100
Tipping Load (lbs.)Tipping Load (lbs.)6000
Bucket Breakout Force (lbf.)Bucket Breakout Force (lbf.)4614
Lift Arm Breakout Force (lbf.)Lift Arm Breakout Force (lbf.)4266
Lift Arm PathLift Arm PathVertical
Track Width (standard/wide)Track Width (standard/wide)12.6/15"
Ground Contact Pressure (psi)Ground Contact Pressure (psi)4.2
Track Rollers (per side)Track Rollers (per side)4
Track Ground Contact LengthTrack Ground Contact Length57.9"
Traveling Speed: High (mph)Traveling Speed: High (mph)7.1
Traveling Speed: Low (mph)Traveling Speed: Low (mph)4.7
Traction Force (lbs.)Traction Force (lbs.)8408
Ground Clearance (in.)Ground Clearance (in.)9.1"
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure (psi)Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure (psi)3185
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM/LPM)Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM/LPM)17.4/27
Height to Hinge PinHeight to Hinge Pin118.5"
Ground Pressure (lbs.)Ground Pressure (lbs.)Standard: 5.0 Wide: 4.2
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